Frost Talks Transfer Rule, Teamwork

Frost Talks Transfer Rule, Teamwork

In the wake of sophomore receiver Tyjon Lindsey’s decision to transfer from Nebraska, head coach Scott Frost reiterated his message of teamwork being a priority with his coaching staff.

“Not saying anything bad about anybody, but we’re trying to preach team first,” Frost said. “Anytime you’re a part of something bigger than yourself, it’s special. I want the kids to know that.”

With the NCAA’s new redshirt rule that allows players to play up to four games before redshirting, the rule has seemingly boosted the amount of transfers that leave in the middle of the season.

Although there is a correlation between the redshirt rule and transfers, it isn’t clear whether that allows players to transfer more easily or not.

“Unless I’m cloudy on the rules, they got to serve next year and sit out anyway, unless the rules change,” Frost said. “So, I don’t really see the advantage in it.”

The confusion over the rule may be one of the reasons why so many players have jumped from their current program. In a high profile transfer this year, former Clemson quarterback Kelly Bryant decided to leave Clemson after losing out on the starting job to a freshman.

A very similar situation, as Husker fans will remember, occurred at the beginning of the season in Nebraska. Tristan Gebbia decided to pack his bags for Oregon State after losing out on the job to Adrian Martinez.

Those players though, as Frost mentioned, will still need to sit out a year before they can resume their college football careers.

Lindsey’s transfer has created a distraction for a team that definitely does not need one right now.

Nebraska will need all the discipline and focus they can get as they get ready to take on Wisconsin this Saturday, in Camp Randall.