4 Quarters Football Pick 'Em 2017
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How To Play:

Step 1: Qualify for a chance to play through one of three ways:

  • Listen to 1620 the Zone weekdays 7 am – 6 pm. Call (402) 951-1620 when you hear your cue on Sharp & Benning in the Morning 7 am – 11 am, Game Time 11 am – 2 pm or Unsportsmanlike Conduct 2 pm – 6 pm. Be caller 4.
  • Keep an eye on the 1620 the Zone Facebook page. Once every weekday, there will be a post giving you an hour to comment with #1620theZone for your chance to be qualified.
  • Get Zoned In and become a member online at 1620 the Zone. Click here to enter the contest for a chance to be a qualifier.

Step 2: Hope your name is drawn and are called the following week for pick details

Step 3: If you are selected as a player, make sure to be available that Thursday to call the Zone and pick 4 football games of your choice against the spread on the air

Step 4: Pick any combination of 4 games from that week’s NCAA Division I and NFL schedule that has a posted point spread from the site we determine

Step 5: Watch Football and root for your picks

Step 6: See if all four of your picks are correct based on the lines, pushes lose, that were set when you made your picks

Step 7: If you think all four are correct, have someone double check them or check again yourself because ALL FOUR MUST BE CORRECT, PUSHES LOSE

Step 8: If all four are correct, high five someone or yourself, you won $1,620 from 1620 the Zone!



2017 Pick 'Em Players:

Week        Player         Game                                Pick           Result          
 1  Jacob B.

Ohio State v Indiana
Washington v Rutgers
Alabama v Florida State
West Virginia v Virginia Tech

Ohio State -21
Washington -27.5
Alabama -7
West Virginia +4


2 Brent W.

West Virginia v East Carolina
Navy v Tulane
Arizona v Houston
Broncos v Chargers

West Virginia -24
Navy -13
Arizona +1
Broncos -3.5


3 Paul S.

South Carolina v Kentucky
Texas Tech v Arizona State
Purdue v Missouri
Boise State v New Mexico

South Carolina -6.5
Texas Tech -7
Purdue +7.5
Boise State -14.5


4 KC Mike

Utah v Arizona
San Diego State v Air Force
Syracuse v LSU
Michigan State v Notre Dame

Utah -3.5
San Diego State -3.5
Syracuse +21.5
Michigan State +3.5




For official contest rules, click here.

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