Josh Peterson Kugler Vision Story

I’m just over three weeks removed from my procedure with Kugler Vision to fix my eyesight and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! No longer do I have to deal with the hassle of glasses in the morning. Working out at home or the gym and being able to see what’s on the TV is something I’ve never been able to do. And now I can!

It’s funny how many things I just kind of got used to because “that’s just how things are”. Whether it’s going to the gym and not being able to see what’s on TV, having to carry sunglasses and regular glasses while at a sporting event, only to keep switching which ones I’m swearing when the clouds show up or go away, or anything else, I was annoyed with the process of having glasses. Well, if you’re sick of “how things are” in relation to your eyes and bad eyesight, I couldn’t recommend Dr. Lance Kugler and the rest of his team enough.

Not only are the knowledgeable (they can do seven different laser eye surgeries, so they’ll have one tailored just for you), they are great people as well. I genuinely enjoyed my consultation, surgery, and follow up visits with them. Any questions I’ve had, they’ve been able to answer. Plus they have delicious cookies as well!

If you want more info, go to today and schedule a consultation! Or give them a call: 402-558-2211. And be sure to let them know Josh from 1620 the Zone sent you!