National Nurses Day

National Nurses Day

May 6th, 2020 is national nurses day where we take the extra time to say thank you to all the men and women in the field of nursing who are on the front-lines fighting COVID-19. The bravery of nurses is on full display, but they deserve our gratitude even when we’re not in a pandemic.

So here are some ways you can say ‘thank you’ on National Nurses Day, May 6th.

Send a Video Thank You Note!

To practice social distancing (and just in case you get nervous in person) write down your message and read it on a video that you can send a Nurse in your life that you want to thank. Or, even easier yet…Send them a link to the Thank You video that we made for Nurses and Healthcare Workers across the state!

Send Them a Custom Thank You Photo

If you’d rather express gratitude in a picture, come up with something personal, fun or creative to send them. Your photo doesn’t have to be world-class creativity or even quality, what matters most is that this comes from the heart. 

That nurse you want to thank will appreciate anything you send because it IS the thought that counts!

Send an E-gift Card

Maybe something for their favorite coffee spot or store and send it to their email address.  The basic things in life can become challenging to get when you’re working the long hours that nurses are working right now, so a free cup of coffee or sandwich will go a long way!

Send a Personal Note

Stationary is still king because there is nothing more personal that shows you truly care, than a personal note.  Make it a craft project, look up some ideas for inspiration online (there are PLENTY), but as long as you put the time and thought into it, that special Nurse in your life will LOVE IT!

Last But Not Least: Say Thank You

Next time you see any healthcare worker tell them thank you. Text them a thank you, because when we show our gratitude it makes their sacrifices worth it. 

Kids Teach Us How to Say Thank You

Kids teach us how to say thank you

Leave it to kids to cut through all the noise and teach US ADULTS how to say thank you. Adorable and educational!