Daily Habits To Help You Look & Feel Your Best

Daily Habits To Help You Look & Feel Your Best

Feel like you want to be healthy, but don’t have the time it takes to get there? Luckily, there are lots of tiny tweaks we can make to our routines that will build a healthy lifestyle that’ll last. Adding these simple habits can help you look and feel healthier.

Source: Real Simple

Find small ways to add more steps to your day

Most of us sit too much and that’s not great for our health, but being more active is good for heart, mental, and physical health. Try to hit those 10-thousand daily steps to keep moving as much as possible.

Just be—even for five minutes a day

Take a few minutes for yourself without social media, work, entertainment, and family. Having that quiet, alone time can help you reset and recharge.

Make sleep a top priority

When we sleep, our bodies recover and heal themselves and getting those seven to nine hours a night helps us focus, have energy, and keep stress hormones at bay, so we can function and feel good.

Refill your water bottle

Staying hydrated helps our skin look fresh, flushes toxins from the body and improves concentration, so keep drinking that water.

Take a few deep breath

 Cardiologist Dr. Martha Gulati advises doing a full minute of focused deep breathing every day to help you cope with anxiety and stress.

Wear something you love

Feeling good in what you wear makes you feel more confident and comfortable, plus it’s easy to do, even while working from home.

Make something in the kitchen

Making a home-cooked meal helps you save money, lets you get creative in the kitchen, and gives you control over what you’re eating, so you can get the real, unprocessed foods you need.

Pay attention to your needs 

Any number of things may make us feel healthier from one minute to the next, so check in regularly to figure out what’s going to help you mentally and physically.

Tell the truth as often as you can

Acting with integrity will help you live your best, most authentic life and nothing feels better than that.